Our Snacks

If you’re looking for a delicious, better-for-you salty snack, look no further! Our kettle chips, classic potato chips, HONCHOS™ bold tortilla chips, popcorn and baked crisps are all sure to satisfy.

Flavors you crave. Ingredients you know.

If we wouldn’t feed it to our own family, we wouldn’t expect you to feed it to yours.

Snack on this

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Ryan Kristafer 20 March 2017
Jim, the Owner of Deep River Snacks has an incredible story of entrepreneurship. Now he's using his success to give back one chip at a time. WTNH News 8
bagelbardurham 19 March 2017
Did you know everything is customizable at the bagel bar? Today I ordered a Cali Club on a spinach Parmesan bagel. I added extra avocados and extra mayo. You can add or remove anything you would like from our sandwiches, even the bagels! You can now chang
spunky_spike_the_dog 14 March 2017
Patiently waiting...for a chip...or someone to walk away so I can take the bag. #ratterrier #terrier #instagood #photooftheday #chips #chiplover #toyratterrier #cuteness #waiting #doglover #doglife #dogsofig #deepriversnacks #adorable #Perro #perros #sil
mousiee.22 14 March 2017
Apparently it's #nationalpotatochipday #deepriversnacks