A Perfect Snacking Experience

Simple, Clean Ingredients

Food dyes? Artificial ingredients and additives? At Deep River Snacks, we'd never add anything fake to our snacks. Only simple, clean ingredients.

Bold Flavor

From Original Sea Salt to Sweet Maui Onion to Zesty Jalapeno - we've got what you're craving! Our whole line of kettle chips features bold, delicious flavors that will make your taste buds say 'Wow'!

The Perfect Portion

Whether you're adding a smile to your lunch with a 1-ounce bag or sharing an 8-ounce bag with friends at a party, we've got your back! With a portion for every occasion, you can snack with us and never disappoint.


Sea Salt

Thickly sliced potatoes, sea salt, and sunflower oil set the stage for our clean line of deliciously bold flavored kettle chips.


A Variety for Nearly Every Diet and Recipe

Potatoes are the number-one source of potassium-a vital mineral that most Americans are lacking! Although America has creatively re-invented the traditional meat and potatoes diet, potatoes have remained a constant source of nutrition throughout the years.

Commitment to Safety & Sustainability

Deep River Snacks believes in an ongoing commitment to food safety and creating a sustainable food source for generations to come. Through education, continuous training and third party audits, achieves the highest standards at our commercial chip farms.

Emphasizing strict expectations in the stewardship of the land, our crops, and our people, Deep River Snacks produces high quality potatoes at every level of potato production. This is a distinction that we do not take lightly. We all work diligently to ensure that continued success!

Farm to Bag: Discover the Freshness of Locally Grown Potatoes in Every Bite

Experience the ultimate potato chip indulgence with Deep River Snacks' "Farm to Bag" chips. Made from potatoes sourced from local farms across the USA, every bite is bursting with freshness and flavor that only comes from the best quality potatoes. Our commitment to supporting local communities and sustainable agriculture practices ensures that you get a guilt-free snacking experience that's both delicious and ethical. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the crunch of our locally grown potato chips, from the farm to your bag.